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A to B Calm - A To B Calm Can - 16oz

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by A to B Calm

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What is A To B Calm A To B Calm Can?

A To B Calm A To B Calm Can is the original and only freeze dried instant calcium magnesium drink.

Key Benefits

  • Can help prevent leg cramps
  • Can help releive pain
  • Promotes stress reduction

Key Features

  • 100% natural
  • Sodium free
  • Instant calcium magnesium drink

What We Think

Magnesium (Mg) may be the most overlooked mineral. No one has yet popularized a simple way to remember it[comma] in the way that we usually associate potassium with bananas[comma] calcium with bone health[comma] and sodium with blood pressure. But magnesium is an incredibly versatile and important nutrient that many doctors[comma] nutritionists[comma] and researchers believe is the single most important nutrient for human health.


It is essential for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body[comma] including maintaining your energy level[comma] helping you relax[comma] and sustaining the health of your heart and blood vessels. Unfortunately[comma] in most of the developed world[comma] magnesium deficiency is probably the most common nutritional deficiency. Because it has so many crucial functions[comma] and because it appears to protect us from serious conditions that are most prevalent in the developed world[comma] magnesium really is the “miracle mineral.”

Product Information

A to B Calm is the original and only freeze dried instant calcium magnesium drink.


Try it with tea or juice or by itself. Calcium and magnesium have been used for years as a natural remedy for pain[comma] tension[comma] stress and strain. However[comma] conventional cal-mag supplements are sometimes difficult to assimilate. Calm's freeze dried formula makes the calcium and magnesium into a tasteless drink that is easily and rapidly assimilated.


Take before bedtime to prevent night leg cramps and twitching.

Also beneficial for menstrual and other muscle cramping.

Helps you relax and sleep without prescription drugs.

Further Information

Calcium gluconate: The highest pharmaceutical grade of calcium gluconate. Magnesium carbonate: Highest grade[comma] from seawater. Vinegar: Natural source grain vinegar Process: Freeze dried to maintain highest pharmaceutical ingredient quality.


  • Calm Can – 16oz


Calcium gluconate[comma] magnesium carbonate and vinegar.

Suggested Use

Put one level teaspoon of Calm in one half cup of boiling water and stir until completely dissolved. Fill cup with cold water or juice[comma] and drink. For use as calcium supplement[comma] use one heaping teaspoon[comma] 362 mg Calcium[comma] 70 mg Magnesium[comma] two or three times per day[comma] as needed.


Some settling may occur. If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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