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Emuaid - First Aid Ointment Max - 2oz

SKU: 13199

by Emuaid


What is Emuaid First Aid Ointment Max?

Emuaid First Aid Ointment Max is a rapid relief ointment.

Key Benefits

  • Can help reduce infection in cuts
  • Can help reduce pain
  • Can help reduce inflammation

Key Features

  • Natural essential aroma
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Slight tea tree oil scent

What We Think

Emuaid utilizes a natural[comma] yet highly effective transdermal delivery system by synthesizing Emu Oil with Emuaid's proprietary blend of healing actives which makes Emuaid efficient and fast-acting.

Product Information

The unique combination of ingredients stimulates blood-flow to rapidly repair damaged[comma] irritated skin conditions while simultaneously fighting bacterial[comma] fungal and viral infections.

Further Information

DOES NOT CONTAIN chemicals[comma] artificial preservatives[comma] lanolin[comma] alcohol[comma] parabens[comma] petrochemicals or fragrance.


  • Emuaid - First Aid Ointment Max - 2oz


Emuaid is made from the highest quality natural healing ingredients available without a prescription. Emuaid's medical grade homeopathic ointment combines specific bio-active ingredients such as:


  • Argentum Metallicum (10x[comma] 20x[comma] 30x HPUS Pure Colloidal Silver)[comma] a broad spectrum treatment for wounds and a strong anti-infective used in treating herpes[comma] staph[comma] and many other infections.


  • Lactobacillus Ferment[comma] a probiotic with antimicrobial and antioxidative properties.


  • L-Lysine HCL[comma] an amino acid used to prevent and treat cold sores (caused by the herpes simplex labialis virus) and shingles.


  • Tea Tree Oil[comma] an essential oil effective in treating various skin disease and conditions that include fungal infections[comma] mites[comma] lice[comma] acne[comma] chicken pox[comma] shingles[comma] blisters and the herpes simplex virus (i.e. cold sores).


  • Phytosphingosine (.1%)[comma] a naturally occurring lipid that has bacteria-killing properties[comma] and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.


  • Ceramide 3[comma] a plant-derived[comma] skin-identical lipid that helps rapidly restore the skin’s lipid barrier. Ceramides are key components of the skin’s moisture-barrier function.

Suggested Use

DO NOT apply on open wounds[comma] torn skin or mucous membranes. It can be applied internally but WITH CAUTION because it contains higher amounts of Tea Tree Oil which can irritate sensitive areas.


You can apply Emuaid 3-4 times a day[comma] just a thin layer is enough at least 3 times a day!


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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