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Futurebiotics - Vein Factors - 90 caps

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by Futurebiotics


What is Futurebiotics Vein Factors?

Future Biotics Vein Factors is a supplement that supports normal vein function with patented extracts, traditional compounds and natural co-factors.

Key Benefits

  • Can help improve nutrient bioavailability
  • Can help support normal vein function
  • Supports healthy leg circulation

Key Features

  • Clinically proven
  • High absorption
  • Antioxidant properties

What We Think

Clinical research has proven that potent natural ingredients found in citrus rinds, Gotu Kola and Horse Chestnut help support normal vein function. VeinFactors supports normal vein function with patented extracts, traditional compounds and natural co-factors.

Product Information

Diosmin and Hesperidin are naturally-occurring flavonoids which can be found in citrus rinds. Widely used in Europe where it has been clinically studied, Diosmin has been shown to help maintain blood vessel tone and support healthy leg circulation. VeinFactors DiosVein Diosmin is "micronized," reducing nutrient particle size for better absorption and efficacy.


Venocin is extracted from Horse Chestnut seed and is standardized for 20% escin, a triterpenic saponin mixture that helps normalize swelling while protecting healthy veins. Centellin is extracted from Gotu Kola and is standardized for 8% total triterpenes, which research shows may be beneficial for normal vein function.Citrus bioflavonoids possess antioxidant properties and have been shown to positively impact normal capillary integrity. Butcher's Broom extract has been reported to improve healthy vein strength and tone.



Take Futurebiotics VeinFactors and a comprehensive multi-vitamin. Avoid alcohol, which can cause the veins in your legs to dilate.Eat a diet high in fiber and low in fat, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.Salt (sodium) can cause excess fluid retention and swelling. Use other spices and blends to flavor foods.


Physical Activity:

To help increase circulation, include 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise that work the lower extremities, such as running or jogging, walking and biking.Avoid prolonged sitting by walking around every hour or so.Shift positions regularly when standing.


Complementary Therapies:

Maintain a healthy weight to take excess pressure off of legs and lower extremities.Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and menopause, as well as taking hormones, may put unwanted stress on veins. Speak with your health professional about healthy options.


Do's and Don'ts:

Elevate your legs as much as possible; raise your legs above your heart for maximum benefit.Injuries complicate varicose veins, so be careful.



  • Futurebiotics Vein Factors - 90 caps


Microcrystalline cellulose, modified cellulose, citric acid, vegetable stearate, stearic acid, ylang ylang oil.Contains absolutely no added yeast, sugar, salt, starch, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, artificial colors or preservatives.

Suggested Use

Take 3 capsules daily, preferably with meals.


Contains milk protein. Keep out of reach of children. If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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