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Prevagen - Prevagen - 30 caps

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by Prevagen

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What is Prevagen?

Prevagen (apoaequorin) is clinically shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging.

Key Benefits

  • Can help support brain function
  • Supports clearer thinking
  • Supports a healthier brain

Key Features

  • Clinically tested
  • Patented formula
  • High in protein

What We Think

As we age[comma] we lose proteins that support our brain. Prevagen supplements these proteins during the natural process of aging.

Product Information

Only Prevagen contains the ingredient apoaequorin[comma] a unique protein originally obtained from a specific species of jellyfish called Aequorea victoria found in the Puget Sound. Apoaequorin is a protein our brains need for healthy function but is diminished in the aging process. Prevagen is very safe and extremely well-tolerated. There are no known contraindications with any supplements or medications.


Prevagen was tested in a large double-blind[comma] placebo-controlled study using computers to assess brain performance. 218 adults over 40 years old participated in the three month study.


Prevagen significantly improved learning and word recall. Around the age of 40[comma] our brain begins to need more cognitive support. Prevagen can improve memory within 90 days. Common examples where Prevagen may help: Walk into a room and forget why. - Spend extra time looking for car keys or purse[comma] Trouble remembering names or faces.



  • Condition Tablets – 180 tabs - 700g


Sodium[comma] apoaequorin[comma] white rice flour[comma] salt[comma] magnesium stearate[comma] acetic acid[comma] and disodium EDTA.

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule daily in the morning with or without food.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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