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SGN Nutrition - Emerald Balance - 28 packets

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by SGN Nutrition

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What is SGN Nutrition Emerald Balance?

SGN Nutrition Emerald Balance is a nutrional supplement with energsing ingredients that can help body to function at it's optimum level.

Key Benefits

  • Can help support the immune system
  • Can help boost energy levels
  • Promotes cellular energy

Key Features

  • 100% natural ph balancing
  • Antioxidant
  • Naturally energizing

What We Think

Green foods often don't taste very nice and can sometimes taste like your own lawn! But Emerald Balance has a delicious flavour.

Product Information

The Emerald Balance 10 oz Canister is perfect for home use. It comes with a pre-measured scoop so you can easily add Emerald Balance to water[comma] juice[comma] smoothie[comma] or protein shake.


Emerald Balance's natural nutrition from superfoods provides you with antioxidants[comma] immune support[comma] detoxifying ingredients and fuel for cellular energy. It contains over 42 superfoods[comma] phytonutrients[comma] antioxidants[comma] bioflavonoids[comma] enzymes[comma] probiotics[comma] herbs and fiber that work together to energize the body and help it function at its optimum level.

Further Information

100% vegetarian. No fillers. No added sugar & low-glycemic. Contains no yeast[comma] corn[comma] wheat[comma] dairy[comma] egg[comma] MSG[comma] GMO or preservatives. No artificial ingredients. Contains soy.


  • Emerald Balance 28 packets


Sugar[comma] dietary fiber[comma] protein[comma] sodium[comma] potassium[comma] calcium[comma] silicon[comma] vitamin A[comma] vitamin C (natural)[comma] vitamin E (natural).

Suggested Use

Mix 1 packet daily into 6-12 oz of water[comma] or add to your favorite protein shake or smoothie for a great meal replacement.


Refrigerate after use. If you are in any doubt[comma] please contact your doctor and/or us prior to using the product.

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