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Tropic Isle Living - Coconut Black Castor Oil - 4oz

SKU: 10953

by Tropic Isle Living


What is Jamaican Coconut Black Castor Oil?

Jamaican Coconut Black Castor Oil is an oil that helps stimulate hair growth[comma] thickness and strength.

Key Benefits

  • Supports healing
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Helps hair growth

Key Features

  • Coconut scent
  • Massage oil
  • Absorbs easily

What We Think

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a great oil that will penetrate beneath the scalp to help produce healthy hair follicles and increase hair growth and thickness.

Product Information

Over the years Jamaicans and other Caribbean people used Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil as their two main products to promote healthier hair and skin. Tropic Isle Living combined these two oils for your convenience. Tropic Isle Living's pure organic Jamaican Coconut Black Castor Oil provides the same great hair and scalp benefits as the pure Black Castor Oil. It is an excellent skin moisturizer and may help with eczema[comma] dry damaged skin[comma] dermatitis etc.


Tropic Isle Living's Jamaican Coconut Black Castor Oil will absorb easily into the skin and hair because of its lighter consistency. Enjoy the pleasant scent of the organic Coconut Oil in this product.



  • Jamaican Coconut Black Castor Oil – 4oz


Mayonnaise[comma] Jamaican Black Castor Oil[comma] Vitamin E[comma] Avocado Oil[comma] Mustard Oil[comma] Grapeseed Oil[comma] Lavender[comma] Pimento Oil.

Suggested Use

Wash hair with all natural shampoo[comma] towel dry excess water from your hair[comma] apply protein conditioner generously to hair and cover with heating cap for 20 to 60 minutes[comma] rinse mixture with water and towel dry excess water from hair[comma] apply all natural conditioner for 15-20 minutes with a heating cap[comma] rinse hair with water and style as desired.


If you are in any doubt[comma] please contact your doctor and/or us prior to using the product.

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